How is Black History month famous and why is it important?

BLACK History Month is an annual observance that commemorates the history and achievements of members of black people.

Here is a fleeting on the annual event.


Last year to celebrate Black History Month (October), Royal Mail is unveiling four special edition postboxes in each UK nationCredit: SWNS

How is Black History month famous? 

Museums, galleries, schools, universities, public spaces and communities are given the opportunity to be part of the national celebrations and events.

The awareness month honours the accomplishments of Black Britons over the years. 

Why is black history month important? 

It is a time to shine a light on the shared history of black people in Britain.

President of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) said: “We have a responsibility to be inclusive for all of our students and this starts with us ensuring that there is black visibility for our children and young people.

“Not just black children, but all children. It is crucial to recognise that black history is all of our history.”

At the very least, Black History Month seeks to teach people more about black history and the impact of black people up and down the UK.

What is the origin of Black History Month? 

Virginian-born Carter Godwin Woodson, a historian and co-founder of the “Association for the Study of Negro Life and History” — the Association for the Study of African American Life and History — is credited with being the “father of black history”.

In February 1926, Woodson and his organisation launched “Negro History Week”, a precursor to Black History Month.

When was the first Black History Month?

Black History Month happens yearly in the UK in October.

In this month, it is also commemorated in other parts of Europe including Ireland and the Netherlands.

In the US, where Black History Month originated, the awareness month is held in February.

It is also famous in Canada during the month of February, where it became an event in 1995.

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