How common Are Pesticides?

How common Are Pesticides?

Do you know you had pesticides for breakfast this morning? And how was the pesticide sauce on your chemical salad last night?

These may seem like crazy questions. But they are not. Pesticides are EVERYWHERE! They infiltrate everything that we eat, drink, breathe and apply to our bodies.

How can this be? Surely the levels of chemical pesticides are low enough that they cause no harm, right? Companies wouldnt dream of harming the public for their own gain and profits, would they? Certainly the government agencies responsible are in place making sure that we arent being poisoned, right? Maybe?

Well, nope, nope and nope.

The incidences of pesticides in our daily lives may not be that bad individually… (the operative information here)… but collectively it is mind blowing. Perhaps your food supplies arent that bad – you choose organic, avoid processed foods and eat fresh as opposed to preservative-filled food. Thank goodness! But that doesnt take into the fact that your carpet is loaded with chemicals including pesticides used in the creation of the fibers. And your workplace (or school, grocery store, shopping mall, etc.) gets sprayed with pesticide chemicals religiously that are odorless and colorless so you are breathing poisons every single day and dont already know it.

And most of these pesticides are synthetic which method they do not exist in character. So what, you ask? Well, just a minor issue about that because synthetic substances cannot be processed by the human body. Once we inhale, absorb, or ingest them, they are forever retained in our bodies. Nice.

To consider corporate profits on dangerous pesticides, individual exposures are not of much concern. Big Chemical marketing machines have brain-washed the public into thinking that The stronger the chemical the better and that these freely obtainable pesticides (mosquito repellent, ant killer, etc.) are perfectly safe. Wrong.

Overexposure to pesticide symptoms mimic those of a gazillion other things – the headache you had at work wasnt caused by stress but from inhaling pesticides. Your childs attention problems are produced by breathing pesticides – not because they are poorly behaved.
You can bet that all the research published is popular to Big Chemical and they will squash any report of difficulties based on their pesticides.

And sorry, but the government isnt any better. There are many pesticides banned in Europe that are permitted for use in the United States. India, in the quest to satisfy their starving poor refuses American grown crops due to their heavy pesticide residues. But they are fine for US consumption. What does that tell you?

Pesticides are everywhere and it is our individual and collective job to stop the madness. Buy organic, know the pest control service schedule at your work, school, stores, etc. Educate others on the unnecessary poisons posed by synthetic, chemical pesticides. Because the stronger the chemical, the stronger the poison.

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