Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

At some point in our lives, we must have asked the question “How much is my house worth?” It could be the tiny flat we first moved into upon turning 21, or the 5-bedroom, 2-story brick house we spent most of our childhood in. Yes, the one with the white picket fence. Or maybe it’s that old beach house facing the ocean, where we’ve always spent our summers. Surely that’s worth a lot. It has been with the family for some time, and you can truly hear the definite sound of the groups crashing. in any case house we have in mind, how do we know much it is worth?

Before we can calculate how much something is worth, first we have to know what exactly we’re talking about. Houses are not just bare-boned structures we can estimate objectively, because there are a lot of things to consider. Houses represent more than just cement and wood panels and square meters – houses truly say a lot about our life’s journey. See, as we go by this journey called life, we go by many things. From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, we meet different people and encounter different places. Some people stay in one place their whole lives. Most people, however, move. With every different phase of life, people tend to move. With every move, comes a different house, a different home. Home – what is it anyway?

Technically, a home starts with the bare structure. It’s not some lofty concept, it’s an actual place, usually with four walls and a roof on top. For a growing family, homes are usually made big enough for everyone to co-exist peacefully without breathing down each other’s necks all the time. For a newly married associate, a home can be a one-bedroom apartment located in the middle of the city. Location is important, and this largely depends on the needs of the people in the home. The home is also about what’s in it. First, the people. The people you have at home are important. They may annoy you at times, but they’re the ones you can count on when you feel like the world has turned its back on you. Second, the fixtures. A home has to be functional in addition, so it contains things that make life a lot easier. Then you have the things. Over time, we build up objects. These can be something as valuable as the antique vase your great-grandmother passed down on you, or the book collection you’ve been adding on to since you were a little girl. It could also be unimportant – like a quirky clock on the wall that doesn’t serve its purpose. Last but not least, you have the memories. Homes, more than anything, are witnesses to our journey on this planet. They shelter us from the outside world, so we are ourselves when we’re home. They’ve witnessed our children grow up and get on with their lives. They’ve witnessed our successes and our failures.

When we leave home, we never really do. So to answer the question, a house’s worth can be estimated using a variety of factors. But the value of a home? Now that’s something you can’t put your finger on.

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