Has Matt Reeves Fired Robert Pattinson From All Projects Of The Batman…

Matt Reeves is not forgiving Robert Pattinson and is planning to fire him for throwing ridiculous tantrums and being unprofessional on sets. Will the second most handsome man, Henry Cavill fill his place?

The controversial rumour is floating on the Internet claiming that director Matt Reeves is looking for another handsome Batman as he plans to fire rule actor Robert Pattinson. Some are already proposing him replace Pattinson with Henry Cavill. Let’s find out what’s cooking on the sets of ‘The Batman‘.


  • Matt Reeves is done with Robert Pattinson
  • The hunt for new Batman stops on Henry Cavill
  • The truth behind Reeves firing Robert Pattinson


It is being claimed that Reeves and Pattinson’s disputes have become a routine activity and it is going overboard. The director has decided that he is no longer continuing with the adamant actor, according to the rumours.

Has Matt Reeves fired Robert Pattinson from all future projects of ‘The Batman’

But, in the midst of “everything lovey-dovey” after the trailer release, we are smelling fumes of rivalry and revenge between actor and director. The shooting had to stall for months due to the lockdown. Some of the media outlets have claimed that the director-actor fight has led to Pattinson losing interest in continuing with the Batman franchise.


The source has told the outlet that Pattinson and Reeves’ conflicts have reached a breaking point and now the situation is such that they can’t stand each other. Reeves too is fed up with the actor and is making sure he doesn’t see him in any of the future Batman projects.

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already though Henry Cavill already is the Superman of DCEU, some fans are proposing his name if Reeves is too adamant about replacing Pattinson. It is obvious that Reeves won’t consider casting Henry Cavill as Batman as he has already established himself as another popular DC superhero. It becomes hard for an actor to break their superhero image and become another superhero, additionally in the same franchise.


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On thorough investigation, these rumours can’t be confirmed. The source of the rumour is notorious for shelling out such rumours, but there are times when these unbelievable theories truly turn out to be true. Pattinson is a famed actor in Hollywood for being director-friendly. In fact, he has personally stated that he believes in the vision of the director and doesn’t interfere or infuse his own ideas in the script.  already though the rumour seems untrue, eager fans won’t stop worrying unless they hear something positive from the formal source about the future of ‘The Batman’.

DC Universe and Warner Bros are unpopular for doing things in a haphazard manner and avoiding pre-planning for their future projects.

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