Green Cleanup Campaign Launched In Hawaii Governorate

Kuwait : Green cleanup campaign launched in Hawaii Governorate

On Saturday, A cleanup campaign was launched by Kuwait in Hawaii Governorate to recycle the waste and help protect the government.

Yasmin Al-Qallaf, a member of Trash Hero, hat it is the first branch in the Middle East that aims to set afloat community based projects that are sustainable and that reduce and remove future waste by encouraging long term behavioural change.

Kuwait travel – Many names of people vaccinated were found to be different in vaccination cards than in passports and civil IDs, local media reported. The problem appeared when the people travelling to London were denied boarding. Authorities forced them to return home after discovering that Latin characters in the passports names did not match the vaccination certificates.

Concerns were raised to which the ministry responded by saying that – any data in the vaccination certificate can be alternation by visiting the Kuwait Centre for COVID-19 Vaccination in Mishref

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