Greatest Secret to Unblocking the Flow of wealth

Greatest Secret to Unblocking the Flow of wealth

Last night I was hungry for more information on the “Law of allurement” because I’ve been studying and applying its principles to my daily life with exceptional success. It is a topic that holds utter fascination for me because while I am very aware of its existence, I’ve barely scratched the surface with respect to understanding HOW it really works. It’s a lot like electricity. I know it works but I don’t know how. I simply switch on the flip and there is my light. The “Law of allurement” and other spiritual principles are a lot like that.

As a consequence of googling “Law of allurement,” I stumbled onto a wonderful website whose name caught my eye:

Can you guess why?

Hint: The meaningful information is”Wings.”

You may ingemination that I’m a pilot. Not only that, but I’m heading up a book project for my church that happens to have “wings” in the working title: Wind Under Wings. forced, I opened the door to her website and was hooked. I ended up burning the midnight oil and read every single article she had on the subject of the “Law of allurement.” I was so taken by her writing that I delved already deeper and that’s when I hit pay dirt.

On her site is a free e-book by Joe Vitale. Does his name ring a bell? It should. Long before the wildly successful “The Secret” DVD came out (he is one of the teachers featured), he was already famous for his best-selling book, “Spiritual Marketing.”

Joe has a most amazing story. For 15 years he lived in poverty in Houston, Texas. From there he rose to become a well known marketing guru with a special twist. Like me, Joe is an avid student of metaphysics. He is famous for harnessing spiritual and marketing principles together. If you haven’t seen “The Secret,” you’ll love listening to him. already though I can’t hear his voice (I’m deaf, remember?), I’ve heard that he has a hypnotic voice. People love listening to his tapes because they are so soothing and have a wonderful calming effect. He has the capability of inspiring people to action and touching their hearts because he is so genuine. There is nothing fluffy about this guy – in fact, I’ve put him on my list of people I desire to meet during my lifetime!

What I read hindered me.

The title of Joe’s e-book? The Greatest Money Making Secret in History!

It should have been titled “The Greatest Secret to Unblocking the Flow of wealth” but then which title holds greater emotional allurement?


It is 111 pages long. I read it in under two hours. I went to bed so excited, I couldn’t wait to write about it the next morning. I’ll give you the link to his e-book at the end but let me have the opportunity to proportion with you what I learned first:

1. You can never “out give” the universe. When you give from the heart and without any expectation of return, the universe returns the gift multiplied many times over.

2. Never, ever expect anything in return, especially from the beneficiary of your giving. Just know that you will receive. Sound confusing? It isn’t. Knowing and expecting are two different things. When you expect to receive, you put yourself in the “if I do this, I’ll get that.” That’s called manipulation. however, if you give without expecting any return, you put yourself in the mode of knowing you will get back but letting the universe manager the details for you. How exciting is that??

3. You may think you have little to give because of the current size of your bank account or debt situation but all you have to do is open your eyes and look. already the little you have can be shared with others. Don’t wait until you have “a lot” to give away. Do it now and you’ll open up channels that were before closed to you.

4. Sometimes the return from giving happens very quickly. Other times it takes longer. Never put a timetable on your return. Stay open and trust the universe.

5. Don’t give out of a sense of obligation or fear (i.e. people or organizations that prey on your sense of guilt or a preacher who says the bible demands that you tithe, etc.). Give with genuine gratitude. Give to people who inspire, heal, serve and love you.

6. In fact, the best time to give (especially when your bank account is extremely small and you do not however have the financial abundance that you envision for yourself) is to wait until you are feeling GOOD. We all have our mood swings – we all have our ups and downs because that’s the natural ebb and flow of life. Sooner or later, you will be feeling really good about something for in any case reason. You will be inspired, motivated or given a ray of hope to the point where you are feeling very grateful. That’s the perfect time to give. When you give without any fear, attachment or expectation, you unlock the universal law of wealth, making way for more to come back to you from unexpected supplies.

7. The more you practice giving away, the more you stretch your wealth consciousness. For example, in the last year and a half, I’ve made it a regular habit to tithe at the minimum 10 percent of my income to people or places that provide me with spiritual nourishment. Lately, that recipient happens to be my church not because the preacher asks for it but because I feel grateful that I found a place where everyone is welcome, unlike many of the churches in this day and age. That, to me, is priceless spiritual nourishment. As a consequence, I give to my church because I want and feel inspired to, not because I have to. Huge difference.

8. When you give money away, you are sending a message to the universe that you are thriving and in the flow. You also set yourself up as a money magnet – what goes out comes back.

9. The meaningful rule is to know that you cannot fool or manipulate the universe – if you give grudgingly or out of pity or obligation, you are truly blocking yourself from the giving and receiving cycle. The inner emotion when you give must be out of sense of love, gratitude and freedom. When you give, are you excited? Or are you fearful?

10. Give love, you get back love. Give time, you get back time. Give money, you get back money. Give books, you get back books. The universe mirrors exactly what you give out.

11. Here’s the greatest secret of unblocking the flow of your wealth. How do you feel when you write checks? Do you cringe, get a funny feeling in your stomach? Let’s say you write a check for your church every Sunday. How does that make you feel? Have you ever asked yourself why you are writing this check? If you say: “I’m helping them out of a hole” or “I feel obligated” or “My preacher says I’ll go to hell if I don’t tithe,” you’re definitely on the wrong path. Not good. When you feel lousy giving money, you are sending a message to the universe that you are associating money with bad feelings. That’s like saying, “money makes me feel bad.” Have you ever thought of it that way? It’s mind-blowing!

12. Do people owe you money? Have you forgiven them? When you shelter anger or resentment against those who owe you, you are blocking yourself. Why don’t you just let them go? Silently bless them and know that you will be paid in complete some other way.

13. How do you feel when you write a check to pay off your creditors? Just the other day, I wrote a check to pay off an invoice for videotaping sets rendered for my speaking business. It was for a substantial amount, taking a large chunk of money out of my checking account. In the past, I would have felt fear in the pit of my stomach but on that day I truly felt exhilarated. Writing that check made me feel like a million bucks. It gave me a feeling of incredible inner peace because I could only imagine the look of surprise on the recipient’s confront. Several months ago, he told me to take my time, trusting that I would ultimately pay up in complete. Never once did he complain or keep up any grudges against me. He simply trusted that I would pay. When I finally had the money to pay him, I was feeling so incredibly thankful for his trust in me that while I was writing the check, I was truly feeling very excited! According to Joe Vitale, this kind of emotion is the back-door to unlocking your wealth.

14. Become aware that the universe, God (or in any case label you want to put on it), is your main source, not your friends, your debtors, creditors, business associates, family, etc. enlarge your perspective and know that the universe will provide exactly what you need, ask and visualize for yourself.

15. Try giving anonymously. What a concept! What you give is between you and God and the universe anyway. Other people don’t need to know about it. Don’t give because you want your name up on some building or recognition to satisfy your ego. Why not surprise someone with an anonymous gift? True, you may never know how that person reacted because he/she won’t know it came from you. But put yourself in that person’s shoes. If you received a gift anonymously, how would that make you feel? Wouldn’t you sing your heart out or feel grateful? Sure you would! Why don’t you try that?

16. One of the contributing authors, Paul Hartunianin, in Joe’s e-book put it very concisely. I couldn’t have said it better than him: “I have no problem with someone being recognized for giving, he additional. But if you give because you want recognition or you expect a ten-fold return, then you’re not giving, you’re calculating.” Wow! We humans sure know how to manipulate things, don’t we?

As promised, here’s the link to Joe’s e-book:

I guarantee you’ll love it. You might already lose sleep over it!

Food for thought: Think of the person, persons or organizations that inspired you this week. Who made you feel good about your life, your dreams or your goals? Give money to that source and don’t be stingy. Come from the mindset of abundance, not shortagen. Give without expecting return from that recipient but know that you are setting yourself up for a return from some other source. And then watch what happens! You will be absolutely amazed.

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