Girl, 14, electrocuted after using straighteners with exposed wire tha…

A 14-YEAR-old girl in Brazil died after she was electrocuted while using a hair straightener.

Identified by local media as Thamires da Conceicao Silva, the teen was closest killed after her wet hair touched the appliance’s exposed wire.


The 14-year-old died after she was electrocuted in her home in BrazilCredit: Newsflash


Local reports claim that the teenager suffered a fatal shock while using a hair straightenerCredit: Newsflash

The 14-year-old was straightening her hair while at home in the rural area of Sitio Tubarao in north-eastern Brazil on Saturday night when the tragic incident happened.

Local police said the girl suffered a fatal shock while using the appliance.

Her family closest called the emergency sets, however, they were unable to revive her.

Local police went on to say that the product had an exposed wire which they believe may have caused her to suffer the fatal electric shock.

She is said to have died almost closest.

Witnesses told police that she also had wet hair when she was electrocuted, according to local media outlet Diamante Online.

It is unknown what brand the straightener was.

Just last month another teenage girl in Brazil died after being electrocuted.

Radja Ferreira de Oliveira was using her phone – which was being charged – when her home was hit by lightning.

Emergency sets were called, but by the time the paramedics arrived on the scene, her family had already given her first aid and rushed her to hospital.

 Sadly, Radja was distinct dead on arrival.

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