Frumpy – "A Woman Regarded As Dull, Plain, Or Unfashionable"

Frumpy – "A Woman Regarded As Dull, Plain, Or Unfashionable"

As the mother of a 22 year old, Im at that stage in my life when some styles just arent attractive or appropriate anymore. My two biggest fears are looking like my mother and looking like my daughter. 

Stylish, mature women follow the major trends while staying within their own look. As we go along, we have to redefine what consists of an up to date look and let go of old fashioned ideas, but there is a fine line between looking current and looking like a fact victim. Everybody has a different idea of what is frumpy. As with most things in my life, I figure out whats right for me by eliminating whats wrong. These are on my no-no list:
Wearing your pants too short-this is a look killer that I see often. The modern way to use pants is very long-almost brushing or brushing the floor.  Wearing tucked in blouses and tops-this one is hard for me to resist because I love my belts! Untucked tailored shirts and (layered) t-shirts look modern. If you choose to tuck and use a belt, dont do it the old fashioned way-mom jeans that sit on the waist and taper at the ankle with a 1&chief; belt-yuck! Pants that rest 1 below the waist are flattering for most of us and a wider belt (around 2) is slimming Dressing too matchy-matchy-this is a tough one for women of my generation because when we were growing up the perfect outfit was a plaid skirt picked from a rack with coordinating sweaters and finished off with matching Papagallo shoes and purse. Its just not that easy anymore. The women who nevertheless subscribe to this method of dressing use a head to toe look from one designer. BORING! It takes a little creativity, but basically you want to mix palettes and textures. Look at color combinations in magazines and in stores to keep up to date. You may see color combinations you never though of as going together and they look modern and chic. already the simplest outfit can look great by mixing textures; think nubby wool with velvet or linen with silk. If this is very uncomfortable territory for you, use suits but update them with shoes and tops Wearing sleeveless tops and dresses without the assistance of regular exercise-when I attended my daughters high school graduation on a sweltering June day, I saw lots and lots of flabby arms; I was thanking my Total Gym! I dont average to say you have to exercise, but if youre not blessed with toned arms, use short or long sleeves Trying to look too pulled together-if your clothes are complex and impeccable, tone down the hair and make-up-thats a modern look. And in a similar vein… Wearing too much make-up-this is particularly important as we get older. Go for a polished look in neutral colors for day and ramp it up a little with color or a heavier application at night Wearing too little make-up-I dont go anywhere without mascara, blush and lip gloss at a minimum. Most days I add taupe eyeshadow and dark brown liner and a little brow tamer. It takes 5 minutes and makes a world of difference! Looking totally un-put together-when I see women at the mall in sweats or shorts and a baggy t-shirt, I surprise why theyre shopping if thats how they go out of the house. already when just wearing jeans, you can look pulled together by paying attention to your shoes and other accessories. Or, throw a jacket over just about anything and look immediately pulled together Purchasing a dress for special for special occasions-of course there are some roles, for example if youre the mother of the bride, when you have to buy a special dress. But for most semi-formal occasions its more chic to collect a wardrobe of fancy separates-silk slacks, blouses and skirts, velvet skirts and jackets, dressy cashmere sweaters, embellished jackets and maybe a tuxedo to mix and match. It makes more sense, too if you dont dress up often because you can update your pieces one at a time Out of date glasses-glasses are a fact accessory and if you have to use them you may in addition keep them up to date. Its worth the money when you consider cost per use! Wearing too many jewels-Im not into costume jewelry, Id rather have a few pieces that mirror my personality and that Ill love forever. Make one thing your focal point, if you use too many pieces its distracting Wearing unflattering silhouettes-there are certain clothes that are not good for some body types. Nobody can escape this, already what we regard as a form body cannot use every style. Sometimes its easier for a good buddy to point out what doesnt work for you; its very difficult to see yourself without prejudice. If youre going to use the time and effort to use nice clothes, be a good editor and stay away from what doesnt work for you. This has nothing to do with size!  Wearing cheap clothes-when I shop with my daughters at stores like H&M and Forever 21, Im tempted by the price tags, but inexpensive clothing looks really bad on mature women. Again, Id rather have 10 things that I love than 30 things that are so-so College hair-if youre nevertheless wearing your hair like you did when you were 19 and youre over 40, its time for a change. And if you got the cut of the moment-the Dorothy Hamill, the Rachel-and you nevertheless have it, its time for a change. Trendy haircuts are just that, they are meant to be regularly updated Lady-like suits and small stud earrings-I know when women see this look with the new Chanel style suits and dresses they think, this is a look I can relate to. Thing is, this is a look for young women-it looks hip on them. Like they say-if you wore it the first time around, think hard about wearing it again. Simple, structured suits with a bend toward avant guarde look much more stylin for us over 40s  I find that when I follow these guidelines, it reduces my options, making it easier to pull together stylish, ageless outfits.

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