Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Dallas

Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Dallas

If you are moving to Dallas with children or teenagers the school systems will be important to you. It will be more important for those with younger children to live in communities with good school systems where they can find Dallas apartments in close closeness to these schools. One thing you will be glad to know is that Dallas is not short on schools so you have quite a variety to choose from. These include 337 public schools, 89 private schools and 38 colleges, so no matter what you are looking for will be able to find something that is right for your kids.

One good place to find Dallas apartments with top-rated schools is in Plano. This suburb has schools that have a five-star ratings and have a lovely air for families. There are not only schools here but also colleges so if you have older children this is also a great place to live. Apartments in and around this area that are good choices include Tribeca Apartments which can be found at 8401 Memorial Lane. There is also Valencia Apartments at 2501 Ohio Dr., and The Wellington at Willowbend at 3200 Parkwood.

The latter is quite close to Centennial Elementary School and your kids may be able to walk to school if you or them are up to it. The apartments at Willowbend are filled with families so your kids will already be able to meet and make friends right at home. La Ventura is right across the street from Centennial Elementary and from here you can watch your kids walk to school. You can also find Dallas apartments for rent at Ashley Park Townhomes; this is also in Plano and is close to Beatty pre-school.

Another ideal apartment to live in, in Dallas is Harvestree Apartments. This is close to Hughston Elementary School, which is top-rated, and only a half mile excursion away. These Dallas apartments have a large amount of kids on the premises and so you will love that your kids wont feel too down in their new home for too long. You can find Harvestree apartments at 5401 Independence Parkway also.

If you dont wish to live in Plano or for some reason cant get into an apartment there you can look in Prosper. Here an ideal apartment complicate is Mansions at Prosper on 880 S Coit Road. These Dallas apartments are close to Lorene Rogers Middle School and if you work it may well be right on the way to work so no additional driving for you.

Armstrong Elementary school has received the rating of 10 out of 10. There are only a few public schools in Texas who have gotten such a rating so you know it is a good school. Apartments that are close to this school include The Phoenix Midtown, The Gables Knoxbridge, The Shelby apartments and East Bridge apartments.

Bowie Elementary School can be found in the Richardson Independent School District and it is another of the schools that has received the Great Schools 10 out of 10 rating. You will find apartments like Saddle Brook, Tiburon, Preston Greens, Kensington Apartments and The Courtyards at Campbell within close closeness to these schools.

These are just a few of the top-rated schools in the Dallas area which should give you a good starting point while researching your move.

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