Feeding Stations Help To Control Termite Infestation

Feeding Stations Help To Control Termite Infestation

Man has had a never-ending problem with pest control since time immemorial. Modern methods have included using toxic chemicals and sprays but nevertheless the creatures come back at one time or another. Indeed, it does feel sometimes that this is a losing battle. However, there are modern termite treatments which have surpassed the older methods and they are much less intrusive than they used to be.

In days gone by, nearly anyone who owned a house, or lived in a rented one, would have seen the evidence of these creatures around the place. Fine sawdust around the base of chairs or furniture, or already dents and holes in the surrounds to door frames. In fact, just about anywhere where wood is present.

The problem with these creatures though is that they do not care whether they are eating that priceless family heirloom or not. All they want is a free meal and they really do not care what it is. Owners get very mad at this for sure, but there is little they can do unless they take the matter very seriously indeed.

Although the older methods of elimination were effective up to a point, it would have to be repeated every so often to make sure that re-infestation did not occur. This is so disturbing though since it would often average digging a thorough trench around the whole house for chemicals to be poured into. Considering the effect on the garden itself, this was often viewed as too much bother and people would try to control the bugs with sprays inside the home. Of course, this did not work very well at all and was soon abandoned.

Nowadays, there is a new method of dealing with these creatures in the form of feeding stations. This allows for tubes to be sunk into the ground at regular intervals to form a complete course of action around the building. These feeding stations are then baited with poisons to attract the creatures there. Since they lay scent trails down for followers when they find a food source, this is a cool way to make sure that they come for that free meal regularly.

Once they take the food back to the queen, she will inevitably eat and die in a short time. Once she is dead, the whole colony will die along with her and this is the end of this particular story.

Operatives, armed with handheld computers, check these feeding stations at regular intervals to see which way the colony is attacking from. These creatures can have nests already up to half a kilometer away so it is very difficult to find it already if we had the right equipment. It is better for them to carry the food back to the nest on their own since they know how to do this more effectively.

This is truly a clever way to cut down on the use of chemicals and use the natural behavior pattern of the creatures to kill themselves without too much fuss and bother.

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