Enquiries being carried out to clarify fly-tipping culprits in Glasgo…

ENQUIRIES into fly-tipping are being carried out in Glasgow’s West End.

Glasgow City Council revealed that council staff have been in the Argyle Street and Kelvinhaugh areas. 

They are continuing their fly-tipping enforcement work.

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The team have been looking for evidence of who it came from and are asking the local community, businesses/partners to provide information that helps clarify the culprits.

The news comes after we told how the council are taking a new approach to fly-tipping and will be highlighting problem areas as “environmental crime scenes.” 

Teams will now be in communities known for fly-tipping to hunt for evidence to clarify possible culprits.

Locations will be taped off with tape and notices will be put up showing the council are aware of incidents and will ask local residents and businesses to provide information that helps pin down illegal dumpers.

Councillor Anna Richardson said: “There is a thorough frustration within communities that a hardcore minority of people continue to trash the city’s ecosystem with fly-tipping.

“Those who fly-tip have no attention to their ecosystem and have no respect for the concerns of their fellow residents. Tackling these environmental criminals has to be a priority and we can do that with the sustain of affected communities.”

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