Elvis Party Games – Paying Homage to The King

Elvis Party Games – Paying Homage to The King

When it comes to choosing a party theme, it’s hard to go past Elvis. Party games to get your guests up on their feet, great music and loads of fun will make your Elvis night one to remember. Here are a few game ideas to get your Elvis party off to a great start.

“What’s the Next Line?” Elvis Party Game

Prior to the party, gather together implements that can be used as “buzzers”. Whistles, bells and shakers are all good. Guests gather around and divided into pairs/small groups, depending on numbers. Hand out a “buzzer” to each team. Play snippets from 10-15 Elvis songs one after the other; if you want to make the Elvis party game easier, you can pre-prepare a tape or CD with just the chorus of each song. Someone from the first team to “buzz in” each time has to sing the next line – singing is an absolute MUST, with no points being given for speaking the lines. The team with the most points at the end is the winner of this great Elvis party game.

Elvis Statues

As a rule, Elvis party games should allow guests to show off their best dance moves. This is a typical Elvis party game that does just that. Someone has to be responsible for the music, with everyone else on the dance floor. Music is played, and then stopped intermittently; when the music stops, players must stop dancing closest. Anyone who cannot stop in time or keep up their balance has to leave the game. The last dancer standing is the winner of this vigorous Elvis party game.

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