Ed Leedskalnin Magnetic Wheel – Discover The Forerunner To The Personal Free Electricity Generator

Ed Leedskalnin Magnetic Wheel – Discover The Forerunner To The Personal Free Electricity Generator

The Ed Leedskalnin magnetic wheel is around one hundred years old and few people at the time truly understood its possible. Today, people are using similar principles to construct their own 7 kilowatt electricity generators. Who exactly was Ed Leedskalnin and how did his magnetic wheel work? What significance does it have to today’s current ideas on electricity generation?

Who Was Ed Leedskalnin?

Leedskalnin was a Latvian emigre who ultimately moved to Florida. He is most famous for constructing an complete memorial to a former girlfriend, Rock Gate (now known as Coral Castle).

He sculpted several thousand tons of limestone over many years. Nobody knows quite how he was able to move the giant rock sculptures that he produced but it is known that he drew inspiration from ancient civilizations and their own impressive feats such as the Ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs.

Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Wheel

Leedskalnin also produced his own magnetic flywheel. This was a device that was said to create force or energy out of nearly nothing.

Unfortunately, little is known about this device except for a few photographic records that we can look at today. The wheel was constructed from iron and magnets and was rare among all the magnetic motor designs that I have seen in that it used a huge flywheel.

This flywheel is a kind of magnetic motor – a device that converts the force from magnetism into mechanical motion but without any losses. This method that you can generate motion or electricity with it almost indefinitely.

Can You Get A Magnetic Flywheel Today?

Much work has been done on magnetic motors since Leedskalnin’s time. Unfortunately, most of it has been suppressed as it runs contrary to the interests of oil companies and anyone who depends on the current fossil fuel strength generation infrastructure.

nevertheless, enough development has occurred such that commercial devices will probably be obtainable within 4 to 5 years. Most modern magnetic motors do not already use a flywheel but are composed instead of a simple rotor, some strategically placed magnets in addition as simple electrical wiring.

So what if you don’t want to wait 5 years to start making your own electricity? The good news is that if you get keep up of a good set of plans (observe: these are not free but require a moderate investment of around $50) then you could have one up and running in a matter of days.

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