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download custom indicators mt4

enhance your trading with professionally programmed custom indicators for MetaTrader 4. Only obtainable here.


Add new roles to your MetaTrader 4 platform. Our custom MT4 indicators offer something rare and not obtainable anywhere else, including the MQL5 marketplace. All of the custom indicators shown below can be used across multiple charts and assets. They are powerful new tools for the examination of money pairs, indices, commodities, futures and cryptocurrencies.

section main mt4 indicators

Trend Indicator

trend indicator TrendViper

Trend-following indicator with powerful filters for seeing trend reversals.

Fibonacci Indicator

fibonacci pin bar indicator

Fibonacci indicator with pin bar detection on various Fibonacci levels.

Price Action Indicator

price action indicator

Price action indicator that detects pin bar patterns on drawn SR levels.

section MT4 trend indicator

Here is everything that’s included in this Special Offer

1. MT4 Trend Indicator – TrendViper

custom mt4 trend indicator

This is our flagship custom indicator for trend detection and for seeing trend reversals. It is chiefly based on Moving Average Crossovers, Average Directional Index and additional powerful filters. This trend-following indicator will help you to see stronger trends and follow them until they reverse.

The TrendViper indicator will also generate signals of possible opportunities in the markets. The signals are visible as directional UP/DOWN arrows visible on the charts. They can be also shown in a popup window or sent to your email or mobile devices.

The MT4 trend indicator also features a visual Smart characterize that provides additional insight into prevailing trends and what is happening on upper time frames.

trendviper trend indicator display features

Regular price is $97, currently being sold for only $49. Learn more about the MT4 Trend Indicator here.

section Fibonacci indicator

2. MT4 Fibonacci Indicator with Pin bar detector

Fibonacci retracement indicator

This awesome Fibonacci indicator will help you detect and trade Pin bar and Doji patterns appearing on manual or automated Fibonacci retracement levels.

Technical analysts use Fibonacci numbers to find price sustain and…

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