Don’t Make These Life Insurance Mistakes

Don’t Make These Life Insurance Mistakes

Buying life insurance is not a task to be taken lightly. Your life insurance policy is the financial protection that your family needs to survive your death and the loss of your income. To help you get it right first time we reviewed 5 of the most shared mistakes people make when buying a life insurance policy.

1. Not buying enough cover

So how much cover do you need? When you invest in life cover it is basic that you carefully work out how much cover your family will need in the event of your death. This is no easy task and one best left to the professionals. Your life insurance company or broker will be able to walk you by what is known as a needs examination, a method of calculating your assistance amount based on your assets and limitations. If you are looking for a rough figure you can also use an online life insurance calculator.

2. Not insuring the life of a stay-at-home parent

A stay-at-home mom or dad might not earn any money but they do a lot for the family every day. Piles of laundry, endless meals and school lunches, driving here and there… How would the surviving spouse or partner pay for these sets in the event of the death of the stay-home mom or dad? Suddenly a life insurance policy makes a lot of sense, doesnt it?

3. Not being honest with your provider

Be scrupulously honest when answering all questions put to you by your online life insurance company. If they found out that you have withheld any information your familys claim might be reduced or rejected.

4. Not reading your policy documents

We are all guilty of this. Your policy documents arrive, you put them aside thinking I must read those and somehow it just never happens. It really is basic that you read your policy documents carefully and that you ask your broker or provider if you have any questions. You need to take special observe of policy exclusions (the circumstances under which your life is not covered) and premium increases.

5. Not reviewing your assistance amount

Life does not stand nevertheless, does it? Just as your life changes remember that your assistance amount needs to increase in addition. The birth or adoption of a child, marriage, a salary increase and an increased debt load all average that it is time to review your life insurance amount!

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