Defense Mechanisms’ Relevance To Nursing Practices

Defense Mechanisms’ Relevance To Nursing Practices

In short therapeutic encounters, the health care provider must be able to clarify, recognize and understand some maladaptive defense mechanisms commonly used by some patients. As a nurse, we should carefully points out these particular mechanism and work with it in order to decline these behavior and switch into adaptive ones. That is permissible without distorting the reality principles.

For us would be able to know, defense mechanism used not only for the patients but also being utilize for us individuals whenever we confront that is less or in a life threatening situation. They are specific unconscious intra-psychic adjustive efforts in which individuals utilized in order to decline their anxiety level, to protect the ego, or commonly known as the reality rule and already to increase our self esteem.

We have to realized and understand that defense mechanism have a rare characteristics and features. It is an automatic whenever or wherever we confront situation, it is not pathological unless it is being overused to degree or level that is already distorting the reality arrangement of the patient or an individual and it is done consciously would only method, that a person is aware the she or he faces some problems or a crisis in his/her life.

To further illustrate this topic, I would like to stress some point that defense mechanism have important relevance in nursing practiced chiefly because it will help in his/her nursing care plan, assessment, established a matter of fact behavior or limit setting with the clients. It is also basic in building therapeutic relationship would only method, that by establishing rapport or trust which is basic throughout the duration of his treatment. additionally, nurses have also used specific coping mechanism during or when encountering the patient. Some may experienced counter transference, and repressions which commonly known as unconscious and involuntary forgetting of painful/ unacceptable events and conflicts.

Denial is the most shared defense mechanism, which I strongly believed it is pandemic it method used by people in all races, in different countries. For example I’ve always encounter patient arrived at the emergency room that was highly intoxicated with alcoholic beverages but when ask “nevertheless in a state of denial stressing that they only took a little of it”. To further elaborate lets defined, denial simply method it is unconscious refusal to let in and unacceptable behavior or idea it could be in a form of thought, feelings, wishes, and needs. To illustrate more of this I have given more examples. A 56 year old patient admitted at the emergency room who is alcohol dependent for 20 years states ” I can always control of drinking alcoholic beverages ” where in fact he cannot. A Student refuses to let in that she is flunking the course despite an F on the first Examination. additionally denial is the first confront of the grieving course of action. Whenever a family or a person confront a crisis such death of love ones such as spouse, son, daughters and the likes.

Defense mechanism is advantageous and helpful at some point every time a person confront a situation or in state of crisis. I believed all of us utilized or used various types of defense mechanism ranging from different scenarios that we encountered. Unless it is being used properly and not to the extent that reality is being compromised.

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