Dating Filipino Girls – The Art of Delikadesa

Dating Filipino Girls – The Art of Delikadesa

According to, the rate for divorce in America is 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages and a staggering 74% for third marriages. except making divorce lawyers very high, divorce in a America can leave a lot of jaded men looking for something a little more long-lasting.

So what are the options for a single, middle aged American man? With their beautiful smiles and demure personalities, Filipino women are proving popular with international men wanting a long lasting marriage. Filipino wives are prominence for being attentive and caring, but dating a women from another culture does come with a whole new set of rules and guidelines. They meaningful to understanding her is to understand the ecosystem which she was brought up in. If you had to use a information to describe her, it would be delikadesa.

Delikadesa reminds me of the information ‘delicate’ when I read it and it is not that far from the real meaning. Delikadesa is a Spanish noun meaning tact or consideration in dealing with others. Filipino girls are brought up in an ecosystem where you respect other people and a strong sense of family.

Delikadesa method that Filipino girls make fantastic wives-

Quiet Personality

A true Filipina has a quiet and demure personality. This above all else makes them attractive to western men as a life long partner. Where they were use to argumentative and stubborn women, they find their new partners prefer not to quarrel or argue. They fear criticism, are polite and speak in low tones. Overall, this gives a quiet personality and a perfected character.

Family Is More Important Than Money

The most shared reason for divorce in the United States is money. It is not necessarily money issues that cause the divorce, but what the money (and not having it) method to each partner. Ask yourself this question – did money issues create a strain in your last relationship? Perhaps it was falling house prices or a strained mortgage? To Filipino women, the concept of family is more important than money. This is a country where a middle income earner brings home just $2 or $3 per hour. Your wife may have been brought it up in an impoverished ecosystem where a close knit family is considered the meaningful to a happy life and personal wealth. This is where she learns delikadesa and the family bond is characteristic of Filipino society.

Monogamy Over Infidelity

Closely behind financial strain as a reason for divorce in the U.S. is infidelity. Losing trust in your partner places a harsh strain on any relationship. A true Filipino women however values family and her marriage. The divorce rate in the Philippines is one of the lowest in the world. Your wife has grown up believing marriage is a life long commitment. Filipino-American marriages have proven to be very successful, with several happy husbands reporting that their wives are very faithful.

A Beautiful Wife

The Philippines spent 300 years as a Spanish colony up until dramatical change in 1896. The Spanish may have been gone, but their legacy remains. Many cities have Spanish names and the architecture in the older buildings is indisputable. But one important legacy for you is the mixing of the European blood lines with the local population. The consequence is a Eurasian look that is uniquely Filipino. Filipino women can be considered some of the most beautiful in the world. For proof of this, look no further than Angela Perez Baraquio who took out the Miss USA title in 2001. Angela might be a US citizen, but was born in Hawaii to her Philippine parents living in Hawaii.

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