Data Science in India

Data Science in India

As far as data science is concerned, there is huge scope in this industry in India. According to a 2018 calculate, the number of vacancies hit 2.9 million. Experts are hopeful that the need will continue to rise down the road. And companies will hire more data scientists in the future.

India is the center of IT and software industry. The degradation of traditional IT locaiongs because of automation brought a dramatical change in India. This is the age of data and it requires professionals to adopt new changes for better sustainability. Read on to find out more.

Data Science: A lucrative Career of the Future

The data science field is quickly emerging in India. Many startups are focusing on applicable technologies. And most of them have adopted the new changes. So, the scope in this field is quite impressive in India. This offers a great opportunity for those students are already into this field of science.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that DS has a steep curve of learning, which consists of many inner disciplines, such as computer science, statistics and mathematics. So, if you want to become a scientist, make sure you try your best to become proficient in this field.

Importance of Maths and Statistics

Since this is a new field, most people don’t have the required skill. Unlike the US, India is far behind in this sector. consequently, most people don’t have degrees in data science. Instead, they own degrees in other fields, such as mathematics or computer science.

Since there are not enough data scientists, companies are always looking for more of these professionals. Many startups have emerged in the country that are looking for these experts.

According to a recent survey reports released by The Hindi, there are around 97,000 vacant locaiongs for data analytics in India. Over the past year, the rise of these companies has caused a sharp rise of more than 40% in the jobs.

Data Science Demands a High Salary

In India, there is a great gap between the supply and need of these experts. The discrepancy is due to the without of supply of these pros in differnet industries. Aside from this, the steep curve of learning has contributed to a great raise in the income of data scientists.

consequently, these scientists are earning much more money than their counterparts in other IT locaiongs. for example, a good specialized In India earns an annual salary of ₹650,000. And the good thing is that this is more than the national average for professionals in other fields, such as software engineers.


Long story short, India has immense scope for data scientists. You may have read about the factors that are increasing the need for these pros in India. consequently, If you are looking to get data science training, we suggest that you choose a good institute for this purpose. This will ensure you get the required skills and training to become an expert in this field. Hope this helps.

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