Cooler Weather Could rule to a Home Pest Invasion

Cooler Weather Could rule to a Home Pest Invasion

Season-specific pest control is the smartest way to keep critters out of your comfortable abode. As the weather gets crisp and cool outside, it can quickly rule to indoor insect invasions – an unwelcome sight for any homeowner.

What Causes Cold Weather Insect Invasions?

As temperatures get colder throughout the country, insects – just like humans – look for a warm place to take shelter inside. In cold, snowy winter months, insects will also look for a dry place to nest, preferably indoors.

This method that any breach in your home security, like a crack in the siding, an open door, or a loose screen, could leave you open for a dreaded pest invasion.

Here are several of the most shared reasons that insects may be attracted to your home in colder weather:

• Insects are known to congregate in thousands by walls that confront west or south. These walls naturally retain heat from the sun and warm cold blooded bodies.

• Cluster flies and stink bugs are attracted to light-colored surfaces, such as the exterior paint of a home.

• Ground beetles are known to infest in homes with gardens planted next to the foundation.

• Millipedes thrive in moist areas, like flowerbeds, and will be attracted to damp basements.

• Ants and roaches seek shelter indoors as warmer climates become cooler.

• Hibernating insects may leave chemical attractants indoors that cause more insects to gather.

How to Prevent a Home Pest Invasion

First and foremost, keep an eye out for insect invaders as the seasons change; pests on the lookout for a warm place to hibernate may start moving indoors as early as late summer and the beginning of fall. These pests are likely to create nests in attics and walls to provide a obtain, cozy place to use the winter.

One way to prevent a possible insect invasion in cooler weather is to seal visible fractures and holes in improvement. This is especially helpful on south and west facing walls that will attract insects as they retain heat in cold weather.

Next on the list is to ensure that all screens at foundation level and in the attic are fitted well. If a screen is loose or broken on an attic vent, you better believe that insects will find a way inside to nest for the winter.

If the above responsibilities seem too complicated or cumbersome, it’s worthwhile to hire a specialized to insect-proof your home for the winter. By making a few simple upgrades, you can seal fractures in the foundation to keep insects out and ensure that all screens are in tiptop shape to prevent a cold weather pest attack.

Finally, sticking to a regular pest control schedule will make it almost effortless to keep insects seeking shelter in cold weather outdoors, where they belong. An exterminator will be able to check for any possible areas of entry, including exterior holes and fractures, which could allow for an insect invasion as seasons change.

already better, if any insects have already made their way indoors, an exterminator will be able to find their nest and eliminate the source completely.

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