character and Man – The Synonym

We sometimes pass by what we do not understand. Our reaction on such occasions is chiefly determined by our philosophy of life. Our philosophy of life, though inspired by various factors, few come to mind. Our life philosophy-kit has contextual tools like tradition, mentors and role models, basic reasoning and logic.

Generally we perceive events based on already existing pictures in our heads and minds. Our thinking, attitude and choices are governed by mental pictures of either the outcome we wished or one we believe exists.

Whether right or wrong is not ours to interpret, however like financial records state the actual health of a business, the consequence of our choices gives us objective interpretation of what we have done. We sometimes insulate our emotions from unhealthy outcomes for various socioeconomic reasons. After all why would we want to understand something that by not understanding it our economic life is obtain; already at the expense of millions and billions of other earth citizens?

So to adjust to our excesses, we re-estimate what should matter. We choose and pick best practice based on convenience and personal interest. Sometimes we are challenged, at other times the gentle souls that could stand for the weaker parts against our orchestrations are absorbed.

Where are my going with all this? Truth is, every community be it ecosystem, biodiversity, humanity, or institution is as strong as its weakest part. By selectively eliminating the weaker parts, you will enhance the strength statistics of such community. But unfortunately, adopting that prescription in dealing with development problems of mankind will be tragic at best.

So how can we continue? We must start by identifying that linkage between character and man. for example we define ecosystem as the dynamic complicate of plant, animal, and micro-organism communities and their nonliving ecosystem interacting as a functional unit. And we define biodiversity as the tendency to change among living organisms within species, between species, and between ecosystems. An attempt to break this splendid interaction of all departments of character to sustain life will expose roles like storage of carbon dioxide by trees, provision of freshwater by certain organisms, burrowing of the soil by earthworm for crop provide and so on.

Now when there was dysfunction in the ecosystem or amongst the “committees of ecosystem”, we experienced some of the most extreme events in human history.

So where do we make that connection between character and man? When man functioned properly – by having the “truth view” about life within him, he found cure to deadly diseases, stopped wars in distressed regions, arrested tyranny, promoted global sporting events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. When man functioned appropriately he exhibited expert over our divides, gave refuge to our brothers, shared shuttles to space and supported himself. already when our opinions were divergent, we held the same facts. We spoke the truth. We acted like the natural ecosystem – we were a source of life for ourselves and character.

But when man disagreed with himself, we had the two world wars, allowed genocide in Rwanda, watched as Sudan deteriorated – women and children were killed in their millions, bombed the world trade centre and other disgraceful and extreme events.

And now we are struggling to protect the same things that keep us alive; the natural ecosystem and biodiversity. When we fail ourselves, we may forget, amend and sign treaties. But if we fail on the ecosystem we may not be forgiven.

In the end, we should inform ourselves that intra-personal and inter-personal relationships; in addition as sustainable relationship with our ecosystem are imperatives. We are safer when such relationships are seamlessly integrated and maintained with utmost level of stewardship and nobility. We may not proportion the same opinion. But if the facts we keep up are true, and the actions we take are sustainable, life may not be as difficult.

But for us to seek global appreciation of one another and our ecosystem, we need to be true to ourselves. When we know that we without such level of mutual appreciation, then we can seek it. Man only seeks that which he lacks. No matter how fanciful we make the world to be, if it lacks the substance of life humanity will forever live in fear.

We must learn to forgive. We must give. We must be hospitable. We must live in love. Let us allow ourselves to proportion in the burden of our ecosystem. Most importantly, let us give ourselves to the acceptance of truth. It is only when we know, and accept truths can humanity be made sustainably free.

Some call this a life of good sense. Some call it gentleness or honestly being a nice person. It is not about categorical imperative. It is about nobility. And with such sense of nobility and stewardship, we can address development problems around the world. We can unify to protect our ecosystem, enhance living conditions at refugee camps in Darfur, and create sustainable businesses in Africa.

We can provide to silent whispers of character and men of goodwill towards the betterment of our lives and that of our children.

at any rate flies your plane or sails your boat; gear it towards sustainable development of our world. And the people of the world would be happy you came around.

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