Bed Bug Sprays: Good Idea or Waste of Money?

Bed Bug Sprays: Good Idea or Waste of Money?

The feeling is one that is shared by many. You fall into a restful slumber in your bed at ten o’clock. You wake up to horror and shock to find your body marked with bites from bed bugs. You head to the grocery store and you see a canister that says “Bed Bug Zapper”. Your body begins to ease a bit as you consider the possibility that your solution to defeating your night-time foes is within your grasp. You head to the checkout counter and confidently hand the cashier a crisp twenty dollar bill to pay for you twelve dollar and ninety-five cent solution. When you arrive home you head to your bedroom start looking for the night-time vermin that have terrorized during your sleep. You see one bed bug and follow it spray it with your new weapon. You begin to feel that you have regained a certain amount of control, as you watch one of your enemies dies. You continue search and find more. As you find them, you destroy them. As you destroy them, you build your confidence back up. After thirty minutes of bed bug annihilation you feel comfortable enough to get back in bed for some restful, uninterrupted and unbitten slumber. About three hours into your sleep, you feel a familiar sensation crawling on your arms. You jump out of bed, turn on the lights, and pull back the sheets to find more of your crawling enemies. Your frustration rises and your confidence plummets as you watch these nasty critters live your bed.

Bed Bug Frustration a shared theme

For many people the past story is an unfortunate reality that they have had to live by. If you have not had to persevere such a heart wrenching episode, then you are a fortunate person. The number of people dealing with this problem has been steadily increasing over the years and it seems that this trend is going to continue.

Why most insect sprays do not work

The bed bugs of today are not the bed bugs of thirty years ago. It seems that they have evolved into a stronger and more resilient insect. Researchers at Ohio State University tested three popular fogger sprays, against five wild strains of these insects and one laboratory strain. There were two parts to the experiment. In one phase of the experiment the researchers mimicked the ecosystem bed bugs would be in if a mattress was there hiding place. What they found was that the fogger spray was unable to penetrate by the material that was meant to imitate a mattress. As a consequence of this all the insects survived. In the second part of the experiment all the bugs were openly exposed to the contents of the sprays. The consequence was that every wild strain survived and only the laboratory strain died. This is due to the fact that these insects are becoming more resistant to pyrethroid based sprays. They have evolved and alternation. According to more research done at Ohio state university it seems that some of these bugs have developed a mechanism to breakdown toxins so that they are not harmed by them.

Alternatives to bed bug sprays that do not work

The first and best option, if you can provide it, is to contact a specialized. There have been instances where people have made their bed bug problem worse by using ineffective do it yourself treatments. A specialized who has knowledge and training in how to control bed bugs is the best different to methods that do not work. The one drawback that causes many people to seek do it yourself methods is the cost. A well executed specialized treatment can cost up to six thousand dollars. There are different factors that go into coming to a final cost, but most of the time the cost will be rather expensive.

If you find that cost is an issue, there are things you can do to control the bed bugs and reduce your chances of getting bitten. Using a good mattress encasement will keep insects that already live your mattress from getting out to bite you and keep new ones from getting in. There are also ways to elevate your bed and different types of traps you can use to keep bed bugs from crawling up your bed to get you. Finally while most sprays are ineffective there are certain sprays and dusts that are able to kill bed bugs. They will not work to the same extent that a specialized treatment will work, but they can help you control and slowly decline the number of bed bugs. One treatment that has shown some potential is Diatomaceous earth. It is typically in powder form and is applied after using certain contact spray.

If you decide to try to control the problem on your own, you must be ready to commit to the time of action for the long-term. You must willing to invest a good amount of time over the time of a several months. When trying to tackle this problem on your own, your main goal will be to control and little by little decreases the number of bugs that you see.

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