Beautiful Weather Continues Thursday Prior to Weekend Cooldown, Chance…

Tough to beat yesterday’s weather, but today is up for the challenge. We’ll be a touch warmer, a touch brighter and a whole lot closer to the weekend.

Plenty to like about that.

Any early fog and low clouds will be snuffed out with the sun as temps climb right into the 70s this afternoon…already along the coast. The sea breeze is nevertheless likely to kick in, but not before we sample 70/71 in the city. Then things start to cool off – yeah, that’s expected at night, but I’m talking about a sharper cooldown with the arrival of a strong, chilly high pressure system.

The winds of change will start to blow early tomorrow as this high falls into position to our north. The wind will shift to the northeast as the cool air flows in during the afternoon. We’ll reach for the mid-60s (70 away from the coast) before we drop back to the upper 50s by evening. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on a night on the town. There isn’t much in the way of clouds or precipitation with this arrival…in addition.

Things start to change this weekend. First off, we’re not promising much sun. Secondly, the showers will ultimately come to us by Sunday afternoon (yeah, that same playbook) as the easterly wind piles on the clouds and feeds the showers. What looked like a washout on Monday may just start dreary with a few showers, and then slowly enhance by the afternoon. Not ideal weather for the marathon, but at the minimum the temperatures are tolerable (low 60s) and the breeze is light.

vegetation is really coming on strong in northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The same system will be slow to arrive in the North Country, so that affords you more peeping time this weekend. Find your country road and start snapping some pics!

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