Astral Projection Secrets – 2 Amazing Facts About Astral Travel Guaran…

Astral Projection Secrets – 2 Amazing Facts About Astral Travel Guaran…

Who else wants to know some astral projection secrets? If you are anything like I used to be, the simple truth is that you are probably fascinated with the OBE experience, and simply can’t wait to learn more, right? If so…you’re in luck, as I’ve got 2 absolutely amazing facts you are going to love below. Read on.

– 1 Scientists Believe that 15% of people who have a near death experience, truly “see” their body from a distance.

Sound amazing? I agree. And not only is it true….there is a study going on right now, throughout hospitals around the globe, to see exactly “what” these folks are seeing while out of the body. Doctors and scientists of both the believer and skeptical camp alike are taking part in this study, and it hopes to prove, once and for all, if people can truly leave their bodies during extreme trauma.

– 2 Did you know that some people have been weighed during an OBE,a and their body weight has reduced?

It’s true, but pretty amazing, don’t you agree? One famous psychic was tested repeatedly in the 1970’s by a team of skeptics and scientists, who were astonished when his weight changed oh so slightly each and every time he reported being in the OBE state. Much of the lore ( or metaphor) about our soul weighing 21 grams comes from these sorts of tests, and while some think it’s all a bunch of “bunk”, there are plenty of us who’ve had experiences that would make them think twice!

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