ASDA employee leaves shoppers speechless with response to homeless man…

An ASDA employee has gone viral for her response to a homeless man who she found outside the supermarket she works in.

The woman has been flooded with responses after ASDA shared the touching story with shoppers.

Telling the story online, ASDA wrote: “When our colleague Debbie saw a homeless man sat on the kerb by our Wath Upon Dearne supermarket she knew she couldn’t walk by without helping him.

“After chatting to him and discovering that he’d been living rough for two weeks in a tent and was hungry, Debbie went into the store, bought him some food and a drink and grabbed an umbrella as it was raining.

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“She knew of someone who was allowing their caravan to be used as a permanent shelter free of charge for homeless people so she contacted them and arranged for him to stay there until he spoke to housing charities and got somewhere more long-lasting.”

Thousands of shoppers have now praised Debbie for her actions.

Responding to the story, one person said: “Well done, you’re clearly a caring lady and it’s uncommon to know the milk of human kindness nevertheless flows.”

“Such a lovely act of kindness Debbie,” wrote a second.

A third person commented: “A really nice gesture Debbie well done for making a difference.”

“Throw kindness around like confetti, well done you special girl,” praised however another impressed shopper.

A fifth exclaimed: “Debbie what a lovely young lady you are to do so much for this poor man, so well done you, a true Samaritan. Bless you for all you did for him, so glad he came back to thank you later, shows how much your kindness and efforts on his behalf meant to him.”

ASDA store manager Shane, who nominated Debbie for an Asda customer service award, said: “A lot of people would have just walked past and not stopped, but not Debbie. She’s a very kindhearted person and will do anything for anyone.

“The man, who was in his early twenties, came into store to thank Debbie and to reassure her that he was okay and now had somewhere to stay. Well done Debbie, you’re an noticeable colleague.”

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