Asbestos Lung Disease – What Causes It?

Asbestos Lung Disease – What Causes It?

There are several diseases that can cause death or extreme health damage is not detected early. Most can be detected and expected if the patient is treated at once and if the doctors are informed about prolonged exposure of the patient to asbestos. Asbestos lung disease is shared since the victims often inhale the very small fibers of the asbestos.

The dust particles and fibers of the asbestos mineral are so small that one needs a microscope to see them. They are so many times smaller and thinner than the human hair! These fibers have two ways of entering the body – by the mouth and by the nose. The most shared effect is asbestos lung disease since they are often inhaled.

Looking at the fibers in a microscope you will find that these fibers have sharp edges. These can damage the tissues especially if there are so many of these fibers are already in the system.

Studies show that asbestos is one of the major reasons for lung cancer deaths. It is quite tricky to detect this disease though, especially if the patient smokes cigarettes. The disease is double deadly when it is an asbestos lung disease and the victim is a smoker.

Cancer diseases related to asbestos take 2 to 4 decades before they become completely unhealthy. This latency period is shared in asbestos lung diseases. Other asbestos-related diseases like the asbestosis, which is shared, often manifests in pleural thickening in the lungs and are consequently easily detected.

Mesothelioma is another kind of cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers. It happens when so many fibers have already accumulated in the stomach or lungs of an exposed individual. A person diagnosed of mesothelioma lives for a maximum of 18 months after detection of this asbestos lung disease.

For people who are experiencing from asbestos lung diseases, what they need is specialized medial and legal advice to help them get the finances they need for the treatment.

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