All You Need to Know About Brainwave Entrainment Music For Meditation and More

All You Need to Know About Brainwave Entrainment Music For Meditation and More

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, already the stars…The music is all around you, all you have to do is listen.” (August Rush)

We Are Living In A Sea Of Musical Sound And Vibration

All physical matter is in a state of vibration. Most of us don’t perceive the vibratory reality of the universe, or hear the sound. But it is there nonetheless. Those who have perceived this vibratory reality have called it by various names. Some call this primordial music of the universe the “music of the spheres”. Some call it “Aum” or “Om” and try to align themselves with it by years of meditation practice. Others call it shabd or audible life stream, the song Divine, the information of God by which and by which all things were produced.

The one truth behind the many different religions is that of “hearing” (not necessarily with the physical ears) the cosmic sound and following it back to the Source. A truly happy, meaningful life is the consequence of focusing our energy on the cosmic sound of music while living our lives on earth. This is the same as living our lives on earth while our mind is tuned into a higher level of consciousness than that of our normal day to day mindset. From this level of higher consciousness (divine consciousness, cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness, Messiah consciousness) where we are in tune with the inner music we naturally flow in tune with the eternal love (deeper than insignificant human emotional love), and wisdom (intuitive guidance), and our life reflects the rare musical song we are at the chief of our being. This inner music, sound current, energy, or vibration is the source of a truly spiritual life of which religious superiority or insignificant ethical living is a cheesy imitation (but that is another subject).

Our very character at its chief is a rare musical melody, in addition as a spark of endless divine light, but our lives often mirror otherwise because we are not in tune with the inner whisper, the inner love, the inner energy and Spirit. The real “inner music” is vibrating throughout all creation, by all subtle levels, right up to the pure realms of Spirit which is our true home.

Although nothing can replace the cosmic sound and the genuine life changing benefits that come with it as it is intuitively perceived by our spiritual senses, nevertheless there are sounds made with technology which can be used as tools for starting us on this path of change and transformation. The technology I am speaking about is is called brainwave entrainment which is best exemplified in what are called light and sound machines which are devices used for entraining the brain to certain frequency levels by method of light and sound. Below I expound upon the “sound” aspect of this technology in the form of ambient music encased with Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats and Isochronic tones.

Music with Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and Isochronic tones

Scientifically proven to enhance your overall well-being in Body, Mind and Soul

The main emphasis of this website is that of experiencing inner healing and freedom by listening to binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones mixed in with soothing slow tempo ambient music, character sounds, bells and chimes and so on. It is music for healing the body, mind and emotions, and also for freeing ones soul from the confines of three dimensional existence. The emphasis is not so much on lyrics and style as it is on experiencing the benefits from the background tones and frequencies which are encased in the music. Different frequencies have been proven to enhance brain strength, heal emotions, and, in some situations, free ones spirit to sore into changed states of consciousness.

To understand how binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones can enhance your overall well-being at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level a basic understanding of the electrochemical roles of the brain is necessary. Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells or neurons which use electricity to communicate with one another. The combination of millions of neurons sending signals all at the same time produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in the brain. This activity can be detected and mapped using EEG devices. Such mapping shows that the brain is emitting specific frequency brainwave patterns that relate directly to different mental processes all the way from wide awake and highly focused (beta) to thorough, dreamless sleep (delta).

Following are the 4 most shared brainwave classifications as revealed by EEG devices. The brain is a dynamic, living organ. During these principal patterns, other frequencies nevertheless exist and there is no exact, single frequency that our brain operates on.

Frequency range Name Usually associated with:

13 to 40 Hz Beta groups Active, busy or eager thinking and active concentration. Throughout the day our brains are in the beta range. At this level we are active, busy, and all our emotional responses are at this level whether we are depressed, irritable, angry, happy, glad, complete of energy etc.

7 to 13 Hz Alpha groups When we begin to relax or begin to get drowsy, but are nevertheless awake and conscious (maybe at pre-sleep) we are said to be at the alpha level.

4 to 7 Hz Theta groups Dreams, thorough meditation, hypnosis

Defining Binaural Beats, Monaural Betas, and Isochronic Beats

Binaural Beats – Binaural beats require headphones if you want to see results. Binaural Beats work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. For example, if you want to tune your brain to a 7 Hz frequency, you could play 200 Hz in your right ear, and 207 Hz in your left ear. The brain will compensate for the difference between the two and produce a third tone that will be exactly 7 Hz. This will consequence in your brain frequency being lowered to the theta level of 7 Hz.

Monaural Beats – Monaural beats are the opposite of binaural beats because the input is the same in each ear consequently you don’t need headphones but good speakers are always a plus. In the case of monaural beats the sound is the same on each side whether you use headphones or speakers, but the quantity must be tuned precisely (not too loud and not too low) for the beats to be effective.

Isochronic Tones – These are sharper sounding than monaural beats consequently they are more powerful in their effect on the brain and are believed to be the most effective of the three.

Binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones by themselves are not very pleasant to listen to. This obstacle is conquer by embedding these beats/tones into soothing ambient music, character sounds, the sounds of bells or chimes and so on.

Is Most Brainwave Entrainment Music Dull And boring?

One thing you will notice right away about most brainwave music is it’s usually made up of slow tempo ambient music, or new age meditation music, and sometimes classical orchestra music. And it is sometimes encased with background noises such as static noises (white noise, brown noise, pink noise), or with character sounds like that of birds, groups/ocean, rain, wind, thunderstorms, and also bells, chimes, flutes, and so on. In every case the important part of the music is the background beats (whether binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic beats) which need to be perceived by the brain throughout the recording otherwise it will be ineffective. All the other additional stuff (ambient music, character sounds, bells, chimes etc.) is only for the sake of making the background beats pleasant to listen too. If the music is very fast speed, such as in rock or pop music, or too loud the background binaural, monaural or isochronic beats are drowned out and not effective in entraining the brain.

As for brainwave music being dull and boring it depends upon your mental state when listening to the music. When your mind is in a hurry and in a distracted, distributed condition more than likely brainwave music will seem very boring and boring, long and drawn-out. But if you get over these “withdrawal symptoms” of your day to day frenzied mindset your brain will start to adjust to the new audio energy and in time it will become relaxing, in addition as something to look forward to listen to each day.

Furthermore, when listening to some brainwave recordings for the first time some people may not only feel uncomfortable, but may already experience permanent headaches or tearing eyes. This is normal and not a danger. Some people are always very tensed-up and rarely ever experience a relaxed mental state. As a consequence they may feel some slight discomfort such as headaches when they physically relax and “let go”. It’s this sudden release and relief that causes a slight headache or tearing. These side-effects are only permanent and usually go away the next time you listen to brainwave entrainment recordings because your brain builds new neural pathways to adjust to the new incoming brainwave audio energy. For most other people, once your brain groups slow down to Alpha, you’ll naturally feel very relaxed and peaceful, thorough down inside.

Ultimately, depending upon the musical tastes of each individual, one kind of music may affect one person in one way, and affect another person in a different way. What may free one person mentally and emotionally, may depress someone else, or be completely meaningless and boring to another. While some music may free one person to the point of giving them an out of body experience, and/or to the point of enhancing their dreams at night and making them more lucid, and also transforming them into a more loving, gentle person; to another person certain music/beats may serve to stir up subconscious “junk” and past bad memories which need to be dealt with and healed. Everyone’s brain is wired differently so it is unpredictable exactly how certain music, sounds, beats or frequencies will affect each individual. Some may be led to astral heights after listening to just one recording. while for another person listening to the same recording, nothing may happen until after they listen to the same recording for 25 minutes to an hour a day for a few weeks. It comes down to being patient, prepared and receptive in consciousness, not in a hurry, not in a rush, but in a relaxed, receptive, humble frame of heart and mind.

Long-term Effectiveness Of Brainwave Entrainment Recordings

After several months of regular daily use of the same brainwave recording your mind gets accustomed to the stimuli and it becomes 2nd character, giving the impression that the recording doesn’t work anymore. The reason is your mind is strengthened in once neglected areas as new neural pathways are produced and modificated to the recording. Working your mind with brainwave recordings is similar to working your muscles. After a time a certain muscle, for example, no longer seems to be receiving any assistance from the same exercise which initially seemed very effective. The reason is the exercise served its purpose in bringing the muscle to its present much more healthy condition. The only way to add additional assistance to that muscle is to change the exercise around a little. This will produce long-term benefits. Likewise your mind gets stronger with time as you listen to brainwave recordings, but it reaches a point where a particular recording which once seemed so effective appears to be doing nothing anymore. However, if the recording is changed around a little it will produce additional, long-term results. And just as having a variety in your exercise routine, and already a variety in your diet, is better for your body. So likewise you will receive long-term assistance, and a more balanced mind, by listening to a variety of brainwave entrainment recordings

For this reason some companies sell several CD recordings contained in one program with specific instructions on when to listen to certain recordings, and for how long, before switching to the next level of recordings. They do it this way so you receive the optimal benefits the recordings offer. And just as it is not a good idea to stuff yourself with a variety of different foods at once, or to exercise too much all at once, so likewise it is good to start with one level of recordings, giving your mind time to adjust to that recording before moving to the next level.

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