Airsoft Review – Walther CP99 Black Air Pistol

Airsoft Review – Walther CP99 Black Air Pistol

The Walther CP99 Black Air Pistol is a high powered semi-automatic weapon that is powered by compressed gas.

Offering both accuracy and durability the 8-shot semi-auto Walther CP99 black air pistol is modeled after it’s older brother the Walther P99. Since it does not need to be cocked before each shot it is ideal for skirmishes, practice shooting, and pest control. It is an exact replica of it’s real-life style which adds to the overall quality and realism. As part of this Airsoft Review I will pull no punches, as I show both the good and bad aspects of this air pistol.

Airsoft Review – The Good.

In terms of writing an airsoft review for the Walther CP99 I must let in there are a lot of things I like about it. The black finish looks great. It’s a beautiful weapon that is fun to shoot. It shoots very well and is as accurate as i am. What I average by that is, if I miss it’s my own fault and not the guns. The single action cocking and metal slide make it that much more of a fun experience. The blow-back action is cool because it simulates the recoil of a real gun. It also has a good weight, which feels good in your hand. I also like how you load the CO2 in. Other cool features include a rifled barrel and a de-cocking safety. The grips are interchangeable to fit your hand.

It has great stopping strength, despite it’s size and not being a rifle.

Airsoft Review – The Bad

In trying to present an honest airsoft review of the Walther CP99 there were a associate of things that I would like them to enhance upon. If I could change anything it would be to give it a larger magazine size. It’s main downside was that it had such a small clip. Also, in spite of of the damage it does it was hard to feel it’s strength. I’d also change the windage adjustment which is difficult to get to. It would also be nice to have white dots or a tip on the sights.

This concludes my Airsoft Review of the Walther CP 99 Black Air pistol. This 8-shot repeater is both accurate and lasting and offers surprising strength. It’s a great looking air pistol with a rifled barrel and built in safety. Aside from the small clip, I think it’s an excellent gun and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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