A Simple Apron Helps continue Elderly Independence

A Simple Apron Helps continue Elderly Independence

Yes, it is true, as an elder home caregiver you will find yourself scouring the discount stores for aprons for Mom or Dad. Aprons are kind of a non-gender item that both women and men accept wearing as almost a badge of honor. That’s why you will become an apron shopaholic to keep Mom or Dad looking spiffy and preserving his or her dignity in addition as helping them continue their independence. It is important for your senior to continue doing as much for him/herself for as long as possible. An elderly person who can nevertheless function to satisfy himself maintains his dignity and will go to great lengths to use good table manners.

The quilted apron solves a lot of problems for the senior. His clothing is covered, already over the knees, so if food cascades down the front, it rolls onto the floor or clings to the apron, not his clothes. The apron saves you; the elder home caregiver, major laundry time and Mom or Dad always looks spiffy. They do not have food stains on their clothes and so they feel good about themselves knowing their clothing is clean. So many elderly people look sad and forlorn just because their clothing is stained. They do not feel good about themselves. already the elderly want to look their best and when they look good, they are in better spirits. Better spirits method an easier day for the caregiver.

As a caregiver, shop for an apron that is quilted, has a bib, and has a thick density or is laminated. Of course look for manly kind aprons for Dad and some cute feminine ones for Mom. I have had the best luck finding the quilted aprons at discount stores for a very reasonable price around $7.00. I have searched online and most websites start around $20 for a simple unquilted apron. An unquilted apron will be better than nothing, but will not be thick enough to catch liquids. clearly if a glass of water is spilled it will soak by, but a drop of gravy or sauce will keep on the top inner and not soak by to the clothing.

As an elder home caregiver you can join Mom or Dad by wearing an apron while preparing meals, working on hobbies, or doing housework. I know aprons are slightly old-fashioned by today’s living, but you will truly be amazed to see the amount of laundry the apron will save you from doing.

Many nursing homes and rehab centers provide bibs for their elderly charges, but the bibs are very undignified towels that only cover the chest area.

So make wearing an apron a family affair, make it fun, encourage your friends and family to join the “apron club”, become a trendsetter.

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