A fleeting Travel Guide To Las Vegas

A fleeting Travel Guide To Las Vegas

The city that is the unofficial entertainment capital of the World is Las Vegas. It is an internationally renowned major destination for gambling, shopping and fine dining. Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada. Located in the Mojave desert, the city has a typical subtropical desert climate. Summers from June to September are very hot and mostly dry but humidity is very low.

Las Vegas is a spectacular city that has something for everyone from luxurious hotels, fine dining, wonderful live entertainment, to the state of the art convention and trade shows. There is enough entertainment here already if you are not an avid gambler. Having said that the main attractions that the city has to offer is the gambling and the shows. If you’ve had your fill of gambling, here is a list of things to do:

The Freemont Street – A mall that has a 90 foot high canopy that offers a pedestrian road which can save you from the scorching desert heat. There is also plenty of entertainment along side of the way, including musicians that play night and day. observe the Freemont Experience, an animated color lights that has 2 million lights concentrated on the canopy that will sure to dazzle.

Eiffel Tower Replica – Dine in one of the restaurants in this replica of the Eiffel Tower, which happens to have an amazing view of the city.

Visit the Strip – This is the heart of Las Vegas where you can find shows, activities and great people watching.

Imperial Palace Auto Collections – Here you can see the world’s largest and finest collection of antique, typical, muscle and special interest cars. The Auto Collections is a must for car enthusiasts.

Las Vegas Sky Diving – Celebrate (or commiserate) your days at the blackjack table with a bit of sky diving. Enjoy an amazing view of Sin City and its great surroundings view freefalling from 10,000 feet in the air.

Big Shot of Stratosphere – Experience the big shot ride at the Stratosphere hotel. It will set afloat you to a 160 feet straight up in a insignificant 2.5 seconds with a speed of about 45 mph then drop and the bungee up and down to return back to its set afloat pad. Be sure that you are healthy enough to take the ride.

The Bathhouse – Had too much last night? Rejuvenate at this elite bathhouse spa with their healing, cleansing waters.

Las Vegas Pools – Don’t miss the pool side party. Be part of the Vegas mystique venue for their siestas such as rehab at the Hard Rock, Ditch Fridays at the Palms, Nikki Beach at Tropicana and much more.

Although Las Vegas has earned its title of Sin City because of its high tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment, the city nevertheless has preserved home to museums and historical signs from its earlier days.

As for places to stay, be sure to shop around on the major hotel booking sites. Ther eis so much hotel capacity in Las Vegas that there are always deals obtainable throughout the year.

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