5 Tips for Encouraging Better Time Keeping in the Workplace

Everyone has heard the expression “time is money” and it really is when it comes to running a business. Having the right management skills is basic to maximising the profitability of time spent.

Businesses confront a tough economic climate today in the UK. But there are many ways in which a small business can keep its head above water without having to make too many cuts. From reducing the amount of free tea / coffee (asking staff members to bring their own), using energy saving bulbs and switching to a more efficient energy supplier, eliminating purchases which aren’t basic to better timekeeping for staff members, there are so many different ways to make your money go further.

One of the best ways of maximising profitability is to maximise output. But in order to do this, the first thing that needs to be installed is a good time keeping system.

But you also need to think about other ways of increasing productivity in the workplace, and here are some tips for encouraging better time keeping instead of directing it as a mandatory order.

5 tips to encourage better time keeping and better productivity:

1. Supply the right tools – it may seem like a simple answer but simply stocking up on the right stationery and equipment will average that your staff members can increase their productivity. Ensuring that everyone has a notebook or diary will enhance their own time keeping and organisational skills.

2. Create incentives – if you want to make sure that staff members are doing their best and working to their complete possible, make sure you can offer them a reason to. Bonus systems and end of year extras are great for motivating a team.

3. Inspire team spirit – enjoying work is a major part of having a great work ethic. Inspire team spirit and invest time into a good HR department which can deal with personal issues.

4. Team bonding – team bonding activities and staff outings can help to bring people together. Having admiration and respect for team mates is a great way of encouraging people to work together more effectively.

5. Use time and attendance systems – use a slick system to keep track of time for each staff member and you can avoid the time consuming admin hours needed to keep a record. Avoid wasting time merging together different sheets and documents and use clock-in systems which can automatically provide you with the information that you need.

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