5 Secret Steps of the Bonded Promissory observe Under UCC and Other Feder…

5 Secret Steps of the Bonded Promissory observe Under UCC and Other Feder…

The bonded promissory observe pays your debts and creates debt for you under U.C.C. and other Federal Law. You already know that your mortgage promissory observe and mortgage contract got you into debt when you purchased your home or commercial character, so we will concentrate on the secrets of the bonded promissory observe to get you out of debt in the following article. The secrets are:

Knowing the bonded promissory observe law is most important. Filing the complete U.C.C.1 information is the meaningful Knowing your bond number is crucial Knowing who to make the bonded promissory observe out to is very important Knowing the judicial side will get you home or commercial mortgage and observe debt free

All the products of the economic system are pre-paid by virtue of public policy Law (P.L 73-10), which no longer exists constitutionally, article 8 and 10, authorizing gold and silver money to pay at law with. You have the right to release any debt public or private since June, 1933. The bonded promissory observe can be used to offset any debt. The IRS recognizes bonds as a form of payment. The instrument tendered to the bank and negotiated to the United States Treasury for settlement is an Obligation of THE UNITED STATES, BANKRUPTCY under Title 18 USC Sect.8, representing a certificate of indebtedness… drawn upon an empowered officer of the United States, and in this case, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

When you file a complete UCC1 financial statement consisting of about 24 pages, you are the Debtor in addition as the Creditor of everything you now own or will own in the future. This UCC1 form is recorded with your Secretary Of State and is then public record. This gives you control of your value and character as the executor and administrator of your straw man corporate entity under the HJR 192 law. This is a very important step in the bonded promissory observe debt relief course of action and should not be left out.

The bond behind it started when you were born and birthed, as a ship at dock, under maritime law, then the State issued you an original certificate that is kept in your State Capitol, like a Bill of Lading, or ships cargo, that has your bond number series on it in red either on the front of back. This is your bond number(s) with your State and Federal Government, along with your social Security Number, that gives your Straw Man in all capital letters, under Public Policy mandated by 73-10, HJR 192, where the government of the United States took away your gold/silver backing of the money making it impossible to pay at law for anything that makes the bonded promissory observe possible for paying your debts. The government seized the gold in 1933, and now must pay the bills for us according to public law HJR 192. It is your very inability to pay at law as a consequence of this executive order that gives you the ability/authority to need that the items be treated as pre-paid using the bonded promissory observe and/or Bill of Exchange which are considered money under UCC Article 2.

You must make your bonded promissory observe to the right person or entity. This depends if you are in mortgage foreclosure or current with your bills. Example: If you make it out to the foreclosing attorney in hopes that it will get to the bank, you just gave the attorney thousands of dollars and your mortgage will be foreclosed on, because the bank did not receive your paid in complete tendered payment.

You then must go to court on the judicial side to get your home or commercial mortgage and observe debt free and acknowledged by the edges and the world. This is done by a quiet title law suit where you are the plaintiff and the party being harmed.

All 5 steps are mandatory in order to use the bonded promissory observe to pay all your debts. This should permit you to be debt free as under Public Policy 73-10, HJR 192, the straw man law of 1933.

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