5 Myths About Find A Virtual Assistant

5 Myths About Find A Virtual Assistant

The information “Trusting on a Virtual Assistant (VA)” nowadays becoming tougher, for misconceptions, add more with spammers flooding on the internet. These results dilemma to clients on finding a VA or let them do all by themselves just to be assured. However, considering it may take their business to the next level. Contracting the sets of a VA will not only lessen the cost but also increase productivity, enhance quality of work and enhance flexibility.

Here are the 5 Myths about finding a Virtual Assistants that was exposed:

1. You’ll Get More Work Done with an Office Assistant.

Providing additional office space, equipment or supplies and paying an office assistant for eight (8) hours including their unproductive time such as telling their love stories to their co-employees and have to stop for sometimes for romantic or crying time, may not be functional for growing company.

VAs are paid either per productive hour or project contract. They are productive because they have to be. You don’t waste money on VAs’ work.

2. A Virtual far away Assistant Offers More Problems than Solutions.

If you want to reduce costs further, an obtainable option is to hire a far away VA, but contracting work from these far away regions offers more headache than relief. Issues such as dealing with cultural differences, language barriers and political unrest are commonly brought up as possible red flags.

Nevertheless, online world on our time evolved so much more as such, of people because of the internet. already up to our differences cannot hinder, for a VA can communicate and deliver data by net via e-mail, phone-call conferences, and online workspaces.

3. Virtual Assistance Skills Has Been Weaken in the Industry.

More people are crossing over to the virtual world to capitalize on the obtainable opportunities. As more players go into a particular industry, the higher the probability of skill or quality becoming weaken.

But in the virtual assistance industry, instead of being incompetent, it has become more widened. You have virtual assistants who cater to specific niches or requirements. In fact, the growth of the virtual assistance industry has helped enhance the level of skill because more experienced people are entering the profession.

4. A Virtual Assistant Will Only Be Effective if complete-Time.

A virtual assistant’s schedule is set based on the number of responsibilities that have to be achieved every day and need not to work in complete-time. If the VA designates 90 minutes per day per client, you can be assured a series of responsibilities or projects will be achieved within the period.

5. Impossible to Build Trust with a Virtual Assistant.

Trying to build trust with a VA is in many ways similar to maintaining a long distance relationship. There must be continued communication between both parties. With the obtainable technology today, all you need to do is establish regular days for communication:

Start of the week – Review of the week’s targets and activities.

End of the week – Recap of the week, discussion of pressing issues and concerns, recommended courses of action for the following week.

One-on-One – Set a day in the week where you and the VA can have personalized sessions to address issues that may make difficulty performance.

The bottom line is, trust in any medium takes time to build. You need to work on it to make it happen consistently.

Virtual Assistants are not just faceless people behind the computer screen. More to that, it is a useful method for building strong business alliances and partnerships.

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